What Dreams May Come

Since ancient times, man has been intrigued and fascinated by many things, which come from deep within himself.  For example, human anatomy and physiology were the key to unlocking several mysteries relating to the human body and its inner workings.  Men such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Donatello, and others spent thousands of hours studying and depicting the form and mechanics of the human body in a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, painting, and print.  In fact, many of the things that these Renaissance men learned are still being studied and discussed in medical schools across the globe.
Dream Meanings - The Meanings of Dreams
While the body has provided ample food for thought, there is one occurrence that every human experiences on a nightly basis, which was being discussed and studied as soon as man began to develop civilization.  This aspect of the human experience is the dream.  Dream meanings are relative.  The meaning of dreams and their interpretation depend on who you ask.  For example, psychologists interpret dream meaning as expressions of our deepest desires, concerns, and anxieties.  Ancient and medieval shaman took another approach to the science of dream meaning.  These ancient peoples believed that dreams could convey information to those experiencing them regarding past, present, and future events.

Scientific Dream InterpretationsIn modern times, these two schools of thought are in competition with one another.  Many people seek assistance from mental health professionals such as psychiatrists and psychologists, when they are confronted with a recurring dream or nightmare.  Likewise, others seek out modern practitioners of dream meaning and interpretation, as well as astrology and other ancient practices.  This article is not meant to condone or condemn either method.  For example, one who ascribes to ancient principles of dream meanings might ask you what occurred during the dream.  A common one that many people experience is a dream where the person loses their own teeth.  According to online research, the dream meanings associated with losing teeth, demonstrates a person’s fear of change and alteration of routine.

The presence of animals such as lions, dragons, snakes, and rams also contain their own individual dream meanings, which are widely associated with and influenced by the person’s culture.  For example, a Westerner might include that the presence of the snake in a dream is a warning of bad things to come. Because the association drawn between the serpent and demonic forces by Judeo-Christian belief systems present in the West, Chinese and other Asiatic peoples might believe that the presence of a snake in a dream signifies intellect and wisdom.  Dream meanings are difficult to understand because of the various cultural differences and the various dream meanings’ traditions which are present in nearly every culture. For instance, Native Americans have used traditional dream catchers to influence the meanings of their dreams for many years.  These protective charms and interpretive techniques will allow you to sleep soundly no matter what dreams may come.

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5 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come

  1. Helen

    I must say dreams fascinate me so much, I feel like it’s a whole other world that is just dismissed as fantasy but in reality may be more real then our waking life.

  2. Frank Williams

    I was wondering something what does it mean when I am running in my dream, I keep running, what does that mean?

    Thanks, Frank from Geek Mods

  3. Aisha

    I had a dream that all the teeth on my lower jaw fell out one by one and my gums looked black, I didn’t feel any pain. I was wondering what it might mean?

  4. Mohamed Baheej

    I dreamed in the time of a little early subh prayer. which was I killed a crocodile in the water. I like know about the dream’s interpretation. I hope that I can get it from you.

  5. I often dream of a kitten that turns into a tiger. Anyone have any idea why this may be?

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